FOVEA™ Printmaking

fourColor collaborated with some of the foremost artists in watercolor, oil, acrylic, photography and printmaking to develop the digital print process FOVEA™. Our printmaking process was developed to support both limited edition reproductions and digital fine art innovation. We approach every edition from the artist's perspective and then lend our expertise in technology, color management, inks and media to achieve a print of superior quality and dimension. A FOVEA™ reproduction is distinctive for its fathfullness to the artist's vision, style and medium. Artists working in digital fine art are creating expressions that are now possible through FOVEA™ printmaking.

fourColor offers the highest standards in craftsmanship, technology, research and development, and ethical practice in the digital printmaking profession.

Printmaking Offerings

  • giclée reproductions
  • pigment fine art printmaking
  • expert color management
  • pigmented inks
  • high-resolution scanning & digitization
  • 100 percent acid-free archival rag paper & fine art canvas
  • 100 percent cotton cloth
  • unique substrates up to 1/8-inch in thickness

FOVEA™ Quality : Color Management

Using industry-leading proven technology, our expert color technicians have developed exacting color management for color and quad-tone printing. The hallmark of our color management is its consistency with the artist's use of paint or ink as well as sense of color, light and dimension. By offering a wider color gamut for extraordinary detail and tonal quality, we are able to produce the subtleties that express the artist's vision and style.

FOVEA™ Quality : Image Digitization

Because the best scan produces the best print, we invest in CreoScitex™ technology and experienced scanning technicians for accurate color and maximum uniformity in color, scale and resolution. We encourage the scanning of original artwok and treat each piece with the utmost care. When an original is too large to scan, we engage master photographers for digital capture. Perhaps only a transparency of the artwok is available. If necessary, we can oil mount the transparency to eliminate surface imperfections that otherwise are captured during the digitization process.

FOVEA™ Quality : Archival Inks and Media

We use only the finest pigmented color and quad-tone inks. We offer a selection of 100 percent acid-free rag papers and archival canvas produced by reputable manufacturers whose published longevity ratings exceed 100 years. Our technicians can recommend the best media based on your objective.

FOVEA™ Proofing Process

We engage in a three-stage proofing process. This enables the client to control the hue, saturation and tonal quality within the printing gamut in order to achieve the look and feel that is most appealing and as close to the original as is possible.

Step 1: From Original. Digitize original work. Color correct and proof image for client review.
Step 1: From Supplied Digital File. Evaluate the file for resolution, color gamut and creative integrity at the final size. Color correct and proof image for client review.

Step 2: Adjust image based on client review comments. Provide client second proof.

Step 3: Make final adjustments and print B.A.T. (bon a tire) for client's approval. The image file is archived and future edition prints are matched to the B.A.T. kept on file at fourColor.

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